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Mobile Problems on MT 4.37

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Hi: I'm building a mobile version of my girlfriend's MT 4.37 site. I know it's ancient but she has 20,000 entries and can't afford to upgrade. I'm using Byrne Reese's Mid-Century Modern plugin, which gets me half way where I need to be to a have a fully functioning mobile site. This is my setup: The default setup for the plugin's index template creates a list of Entry Titles and Entry Excerpts. The entry title links a Permalink to the individual archive template in the original blog. I obviously want it to line to the mobile blog directory so the mobile style sheet can be applied. Bryne has a mobile site example on the internet at When you click on his entry title it goes to the individual entry in the mobile directory. Here's an example: The same file is in the home page blog: So, it appears that he has a blog with an individual archive template, but he can also serve the files from the mobile blog directory. Sorry to be so long winded. I know there is a solution to this dilemma but it's above my pay grade. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gregg

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  • Hi Gregg,

    I would start saying that you may like to consider building a responsive site, which means handling a different display based on the visitor device screen via CSS Media Queries, rather than building an extra set of templates for the mobile version.

    Assuming that you would insist with having all the content (and templates) published under a "mobile" folder and since all the entries are in the original blog, I would suggest that you don't create an additional blog, but that you create a copy of the original templates and have those publish under "mobile".

    For the permalinks from the "mobile" templates you could either use the "replace" template modifier on the mt:EntryPermalink tag or you could reconstruct the mobile permalinks using the mt:Template tag.

    If you need support on upgrading her installation or on building the mobile site, I'm available.

    You should know that v4.37 presents security issues and reached its end of life period a lot of time ago.

    My recommendation is to upgrade it to v6.2.4.

    Kind Regards,
    Mihai Bocsaru

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