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Hi I wanted to use the plugin ExtendPlainEditor to improve my editor. I downloaded and installed this(https://plugins.movabletype.org/extendplaineditor/), but it doesn't work at all for me. Does it require special operations? Please help me, I need it for inserting some codes for footnotes and returning back to the previous location. I'm using Movable Type 6 Thanks

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  • Hi Ebrahim,

    As far as I could see by testing this plugin, it doesn't include its options:

    "div span pre | h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 | float-L float-R"

    to the movable type editing admin pages if you have the "Rich Mode" selected.

    it would add them to any of the other formats.

    This is a sample with the "None" format:

    What the plugin adds is the 2nd line of options.

    Probably it doesn't work with the "Rich Text" format because that one has its own elements on the second line.

    We could signal this to the plugin developer, if you would love to get this also with "Rich Text".

    Kind Regards,
    Mihai Bocsaru

  • I know this, I wanted to add some new options to Plain Text editor. But my modifications don't affect on Plain Text Editor at all.
    I don't want to change Rich Text.


  • Hi Ebrahim,

    You may like to install the this plugin:

    Which is going to significantly expand the default TinyMCE editor.

    Then, you may like to try to add a custom button for it or to change an existing one to behave in the way you want.


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