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I everybody I'm new newbie , I have question about enviroent of MT I want 2 enviroment develop MT I don't know sync of 2 enviroment

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  • Hi Hank,

    What do you mean when you say "2 environments"?

    If you detail a bit what you expect to get, I could provide you support.


  • bằng cách nào để cập nhật môi trường develop lên môi trường product , hiên tại database khác nhau

  • How to update the development environment on the product environment, in different databases

  • Hi Hank,

    If I understand well, you have a development installation, like a stage and you would like to make it live.

    Assuming that this is the case, all you have to do is:

    1) create a new database (let's call it "live database") and load there a dump from the development one;

    2) place a copy of the movable type installation on the live site;

    3) update its "mt-config.cgi" to point to the "live database";

    4) update the Blog URL and Blog Path setting to match the live domain and server path, either from the MT admin or from the live database;

    5) rebuild/republish the movable type live installation.


  • sorry my misstake , In MT using database create template , weeget .etc .
    but In MT product database had changed entry , add custom fied , etc ,
    how to megre 2 databases of develop and product ?

  • You don't need 2 databases.

    What you need is a database where you could have everything you need.

    If you really want to keep those installations and serve some data from one and some other data from another, you could code similar templates so that you reach the same look and feel regardless from where the pages are published (a database or the other).

  • Hi , I got it ,
    I have new question
    How to create page filter each entries with select button

  • In order to be able to help, it would be nice if you could give me an example of what exactly you intend to obtain.


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