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Hi there I'm running MT 4.13 on my blog (Centos 7) and http pages are fine, but I've recently installed an SSL cert in order to comply with Google's upcoming change in policy and the problem is that when browsing the site using https it displays the content but the rendering is all wrong. So my site is http://baanliam.com (works fine) https://baanliam.com (does not work fine) I've added in a separate vhost for *:443 and the server is serving on https now but pages aren't rendering right, have tried F-fox and IE and both the same has anyone else had this problem before or can anyone help? cheers

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  • Hi,

    You need to change your website and any child blog general settings to HTTPS.

    Then you need to replace any occurrence of your domain with HTTP to your domain with HTTPS for each and every object (entry, page, comment, template etc.).

    Last, but not least, you have to rebuild your website and child blogs to reflect your changes.


  • hiya that'is pretty much what I feared i would have to do. I've got nearly 3000 entries on my blog so i guess I'm screwed

    would anyone happen to have already scripted something that could do it for me at all?

    I'm a non-profit website with no advertising or any other revenue generated by the website or even the server it sits on...any help would be much appreciated :)

  • I'm guessing the http -> https change on every object is goinbg to need to be done in my database tables? or is there a way to do it from the web GUI? I don't understand the MT templates and have never been able to properly get my head around movable type at all tbh and i still don't understand its syntax after 11 years of runnung my blog on it lol
    I never thought I'd ever say this but damn you google and your new policies! any other less time consuming and frustrating solutions than Mihai's way? or is there a script that can do all or some of what Mihai says to do?

  • Well the solution was to just export the MT blog to a wordpress installtion. wordpress did have a tool that could modify all 3000 image URIs from http to https in less than a minute..

  • You could have used the built in find and replace tool.

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