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Missing Perl Modules

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We have an MT 6.5.3 installation that's been running fine on a VPS hosted by Dreamhost. Our linux server was recently upgraded to Debian 10 (Buster). It seems Perl was also upgraded from 5.18.2 to 5.28.1. Our PHP version is 7.3. Since that upgrade, MT is unable to find several Perl Modules (Image::Magick, Image::GD and basically everything that generates image thumbails). Since we do not have sudo access on our server (and our providers will not grant it for us), I tried to do a custom installation of Perl5 and re-link the @INC to that new installation. But nothing seems to work. I am unable to install Image Magick (from its installation directories as shown here Also, it seems that if I add a custom directory containing a folder Image and a file, MT does not seem to read the code properly. Has anyone faced a similar issue? What can we do about it? Thanks Samah

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  • Hi Samah,

    There are several options that you have available!

    Supposing that your hosting didn't remove perl v5.18.2, but installed v5.28.1 and made it default, what you could do is to edit all your .cgi scripts from your CGI-BIN mt folder root and to change:




    Make sure what the exact path to perl v5.18.2 is as the above may not be the same across any server.

    Another thing that you could ask for and that your hosting provider should do is to have them install for you those custom modules especially that you had them on the previous perl version.

    Last, but not least, you could look elsewhere for a professional movable type hosting provider. At this aspect we excel, so I would be happy to take you on board @ Pair Networks, Inc. inside a very fast dedicated server for a very competitive cost.

    Kind Regards,
    Mihai Bocsaru

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